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"Just Beginning" by Peppy Castro

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Who knew? Back in the day music insiders referred to Peppy Castro, as the Prince of MacDougal Street. Barely through his teens, Castro was easily a vital psycho-delectic key to the entire NYC / Scene as one of the founding fathers of the legendary Blues Magoos rock group. I was Bit rabid by music and in the NYC hot-bed us kids needed local pop paladins to emulate and honorate. And with Peppy's first hit record “We Ain’t Got Nothing Yet” we had our heroes with The Blues Magoos. Peppy was point for me on that agenda by virtue of talent, persona and an easily experienced musical pledge to please us fans with his dedication to our beat-cause. And…he continued over the years to come through with a sound pulse shocking in range, be it the pop culture side with a principal role in the Broadway show “Hair” (and his personal musical theater efforts a la “Zen Boogie”) on through and to the mainstay rock and role sounds of  Barnaby Bye, Balance and Wiggy Bits all the while beefing his songwriting strengths with great artists such as Kiss, Diana Ross and Cher and many others recording his songs. This latest from Pep comes with 12 new songs AND there’s no need for further annotation or exclamation from me because those songs are presented with 12 additional tracks (13 through 24) featuring musical snips from the new songs, all completely introduced and described personally by … Peppy. You get track details, players involved, inspiration for the lyrics (some highly personal sentiments here for sure) AND the music, background anecdotes and basically Peppy being the artist and person that deservedly got himself dubbed as that Prince of MacDougal back in the day. To my ears no one has ever gone here before. I’ve lived with the songs and the added sound-notes for a few wonderful weeks as I write this and my best stab at the concept would be “I tunes” as one of pop music’s most fan-sensitive songsters finds a new way to reach out to his audience. If anyone was ever going to take this step of confidence and confluence you almost know it would have to be Peppy Castro. James J. Spina, Spinaddict